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Kirp, David L. “How to Fix the Country’s Failing Schools. And How Not To.New York Times, 1/9/2016

Tsai, Joyce “Oakland’s ‘common enrollment’ proposal fans the flames of great charter school debateOakland Tribune, 1/10/16.

Community Objects to Privately-Funded OUSD Enrollment Reform,” Post News Group, 12/4/15.

Charter School Advocates Push Enrollment Shift in Oakland,” San Francisco Chronicle, 12/1/15.

School Board Considers Options for Proposed Enrollment Policy,” Oakland North, 12/3/15.

Debate Grows Over OUSD Common Enrollment Proposal,” Post News Group, 11/27/15.

Teachers Say Common Enrollment Would Funnel More Students to Charters,” Post News Group, 11/20/15.

From Boston: “Walsh Taking Heat Over School Agenda,” Boston Globe, 12/4/15.

From Boston: Public School Mama on “The Demands of Phantoms,” Blog post on the similarities between Boston and Oakland.

From Newark: “Cami’s Newark Enrollment Plan Collapses in the Heat,” Blog post on the failures of Common Enrollment in Newark.

From Denver: CRPE Report “An Evaluation of Denver’s School Choice Process 2012-2014

Epstein, Ken Jackson gets $30,000 a Month to Replace White’s $13,000, Post News Group, 3/20/2015

Levin, Sam Charters Will Not Take Over Struggling Oakland Public Schools, East Bay Express, 3/13/2015

FAQs and more on Article 12, Classroom Struggle, 3/2/2015

Siegel, Dan OP-ED: Charter Schools are not the Answer to Oakland’s Public School Crisis, Post News Group, 3/2/2015

School District Leaders Earn Top Pay, Post News Group, 2/27/2015

Petition started by OUSD parent:  Jody London: Substantially Raise OUSD Teacher Wages

Moyer, J.D. OUSD Teacher Contract Negotiations (and Cronyism at the Top?) blog post, Feb 13, 2015

Epstein, Ken “Debate Heats Up Over Five Oakland Schools – Superintendent Walks Out of Board MeetingPost News Group, 2/13/2015

Opinion about Administrative costs: “Antwan Wilson’s Idea of Cutting Administration: Pad the Top, Chop From the BottomClassroom Struggle, 2/11/2015

Teacher Perspective on Article 12 and the “privatization” of schools: “Connecting the dots between Antwan Wilson’s push for Privatization & OUSD’s focus on Article 12 at the Bargaining TableClassroom Struggle, 1/17/2015

FAQs about Local Control Funding Formula in California: http://edsource.org/wp-content/publications/10-questions.pdf




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