Updated information regarding Administrative Salaries

Oakland Public School Parents post on increase in salaries for Top OUSD central office administrators from last year to this year; 34% increase

An Oakland Public School Parent posted:
I’m attaching an image tweeted earlier today by @scmaestra. and retweeted by @OaklandEA. Hopefully it will show up for you.
It’s a table showing the salary changes from 2013-14 to 2014-15 for OUSD top central office personnel plus the salaries for four brand new central office positions. I don’t know the original source of the figures, but I am presuming these are OEA findings or a table created by the District itself. I believe they are legitimate. Jack Gerson wrote about some of thisherehttp://classroomstruggle.org/2015/02/11/antwan-wilsons-idea-of-cutting-administration-pad-the-top-chop-from-the-bottom/
Just for the record, the photo you reference was from data compiled by me from information requests to OUSD regarding contract management employees in both 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years and is taken from their actual, board approved contracts.  It is salary only data and does not include various perks like car allowances or health care coverage costs.  The public data is available to anyone who makes the request. 
In several cases, i.e.. Brigitte Marshall, the position title changed as well as the compensation.  So, technically, it wasn’t a raise but a change of position.  Nonetheless the salary data is accurate and I ran it past OUSD labor relations to confirm it before I put it out.

The salary data for 2014-15 is what is in the actual contract.  Transparent California runs a year or two behind
At any rate, in that one year alone, 20 individuals were given raises totalling $306,079. The percentage of “change in cost” varies, but their average raise in that one year alone was 5.64%.
The salary for the four new office positions totals $637,000.
Thus, in one year alone, those 24 lucky central office individuals were the recipients of an additional $943,079 from the District’s coffers.

Compare this to the OUSD teachers per the KPIX news report on 2/5/2015:“[OEA President Trish Gorham] said teachers have only had a total increase of 3.25 percent since 2003 and a high percentage of that small amount didn’t occur until two years ago.”

IMO, the contrast, arrogance, disrespect, and unfairness speaks for itself.

OUSD-central-office-salaries (2)

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