Community Advisory Committee meeting today at 6pm

As the Special Education community faces dramatic changes to the programs that support out children, we will meet to discuss the role of the Community Advisory Committee at this time and in general.

Today, Monday, April 20, 6pm  Lakeview Campus, 746 Grand Avenue, Oakland.

Following are some of the key questions that we will address:

  • What are and have been the various roles and responsibilities of the CAC? On which of them should the committee focus its capacity and limited resources at this time?
  • What basic rights does the CAC have in exercising its role?
  • What do the committee members need to sustainably and effectively participate?
  • What conditions are needed for OUSD leadership to demonstrate that it is soliciting and listening to the advice of the committee and the larger Special Education community? How does OUSD account for the unique challenges to participation that our community faces?
  • How can the membership best collaborate, within and outside of the monthly meetings, with the diverse community that it represents?

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