Why are we still paying $30,000 per month to Lance Jackson?

It has been nearly a year that we have been paying Lance Jackson $30,000 per MONTH to oversee OUSD’s facilities planning division, a post previously held by an OUSD employee (not a contractor) for $150,000 per year. We were assured in February that this was just a temporary situation and were told in May that the position for a reasonably paid, district employee would be filled by the end of June. It is absolutely impossible to believe that there is not a reasonable candidate within the District or without who would be qualified for this position at a reasonable salary. It looks more and more like Superintendent Wilson is more comfortable having his consultant in that position, regardless of what it costs our children. This is not acceptable.


2 thoughts on “Why are we still paying $30,000 per month to Lance Jackson?

    Many families in the OUSD do not earn $30,000 a year and have to support their families!

    Many of us who have family members in high status/well paying jobs do not earn $360,000 a year!

    This is extremely unacceptable.


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