Oakland Tech Teachers stage a “Grade-In” tomorrow 3:45 – 5:45

As you may know, many Oakland teachers are using a “work-to-rule” strategy (working to the letter of their contract, but not doing any work beyond that) to draw attention to their frustration with the ongoing contract negotiations with OUSD. Teachers at Tech, in the interest of our students, decided not to do that, and are instead having a “Grade-in” on Friday afternoon, 3:45-5:45, on the front lawn of Tech. Teachers spend many hours outside of school grading papers and tests and preparing report cards. They hope that their presence, grading papers on the front lawn, will draw attention to their plight and that parents and community members will show their support.
PLEASE stop by to tell your children’s teachers how much you appreciate all the hours they put into supporting your children. And feel free to bring coffee, cookies, fruit or any other food!!!!
Oakland teachers are the lowest paid in Alameda County and we all know that their jobs are very demanding and stressful. Let’s show our support!

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