Comparison of OUSD teachers’ compensation with other Districts in Alameda County and Beyond

It is clear that OUSD teachers are at or near the bottom of the list when you compare their salary + benefits package at every stage of the game, and particularly at senior levels against other schools in Alameda County OR similar schools across the state.  GO provides a fairly balanced analysis based on actual contract data (see link below). It is interesting to note that although the benefits’ package is generally better than the other schools in Alameda County, it is below average when compared to similar districts across the state. One thing not clear from the analysis is that the comparison is static, meaning it is comparing our data from the current year to data from other districts for the current year only, and so while OUSD salaries need to increase 7.6% to reach the average for this year, the District is offering just 3.5% for 2014-15, further widening the gap:

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