Update: Board Meeting Recap

11112717_904128046275068_7725102537898882594_nParents spoke, board members heard, but ultimately they didn’t listen. Parent emails changed the process – instead of being voted on without discussion, the Oakland Public Education Fund (“Ed Fund”) item was pulled from the consent agenda so that questions could be publicly raised, and Director Gonzales asked the questions we had posed.. That would not have happened had parents not let board members know of their concerns before the meeting. Ultimately, however, the board voted unanimously to approve the Ed Fund contract extension. Parent questions also guided the discussion about the proposed Charter school revised Measurable Pupil Outcomes, and since that item was not voted on last night, there is time for the Board to address parent concerns. We appreciate that Director Gonzales and others asked our questions, but are disappointed in the vote and especially in Director London’s statement that she didn’t really think parents knew what they were writing about. Director London is wrong – Parents understand, we are watching and we will have accountability.

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